Christian Salvation is not from ANY other sources but from the Jews. Salvation requires faith (belief) in Jesus only (John 3:16), acceptable behavior, love for one another, pushing back on false doctrines to become perfect, and witnessing Jesus who calls on all of us who can hear His REAL voice to become the ‘one flock’ that He calls for in John 10:16.

There are many religions in the world. Your adopted religion depends on your particular geographical location. The religion which was prophesied to leave its former location to go all over the world is Judaism. Judaism had made its round around the world as the God of Judaism punished His people and sent them in exile on foreign lands. The clash of other cultures with the resiliency of some key pillars of Judaism contributed to its expansion all over the world in Antiquity because the Kingdoms of Antiquity were compelled by Jesus to declare Judaism as the religion to all their vassals when the societies conspired to eradicate the people of Judaism.

Note that Jesus never armed the people of Judaism to go wage wars with the surrounding nations to compel them to follow the letter of Judaism. Jesus made Himself known to the world of Antiquity by performing mighty miraculous deeds on the behalf of the chosen people of Judaism. That is exemplified in the preparation of the field in Babylon by the exiles from Jerusalem to set Babylon to host the people of Judaism with respect.

Anyone from the world of Antiquity who decided to serve Jesus was welcome into Judaism which promised the converted foreigners a better name and a better place than the chosen adherents of Judaism. In hindsight, the chosen people were no different than the Gentiles in that they showed, in the word of Jesus, more affinity to the disgusting ways of life of the surrounding nations. The disgusting ways of life of the pagan nations serves as the backdrop for the Torah (the Law) in which Jesus specified that the chosen people were not to behave as the world around them was behaving. Jesus entrusted to Moses the list of His grievances, among other things, which serve as a codification of His will which man must follow to act wisely (Joshua 1).

It is Moses (the Torah) which went to the land of Israel to guide the people of Jesus. It is the body of writings of Moses and of the Prophets who were sent to enforce the writings of Moses, which constitute the Torah or the Law with the Psalms, which went out of Zion to the whole world when Jesus commissioned His Disciples and Apostle Paul TO GO TEACH THE WORLD all His will to save them.

However, Satan, the nemesis of Jesus, has done everything in his power to successfully hack the Gospel of the Torah which went out of Zion and inject his venom into it to throw off many of the course of good behavior which leads to salvation by the grace of Jesus God.

This website exposes the main construct to follow in order to avoid the web of Satan and to overcome in all his wars against those of us who can hear the voice of Jesus to choose to listen to Him and believe in Him for our true salvation.

You are invited to sign up and train for the brand-new world which Jesus promises to create to host all of us who trained to overcome and qualify.