Salvation is the end product of the manifestation of love, grace in the redemption of God: Jesus

Salvation is the end result of the platform of the love of Father and His grace (Jesus) and the righteousness of Jesus, an escape vessel which we must enter by presenting to Jesus our degree of self-holiness with a 100% passing grade, pending fully recognizing Him as YAHWEH God the Creator, the One who became flesh to make it possible for us to become holy or to be without sin by dying in our place, and not Archangel Michael or Angel of YAHWEH.

Salvation is free because before we died for acquiring knowledge, Father designed a plan to go around the resulting death from KNOWLEDGE

If we are restored to total obedience because God Himself died in our place, God gives us a second chance at immortality.

That decision, to grant us salvation for free, has nothing to do with our actions because we were not around yet; not because we behaved holy according to the will of God or because it does not matter if we engage in behaviors that displease Him or regardless that we hold beliefs that are not of God.

Free salvation is not a license or a freedom to live against the laws of Father God, since each law is a rebuke of a behavior or a request from God

Free salvation is not going against a request of God or against a forbiddance because of the false claim that Jesus died to allow us to live against God’s will because He gets us or understands us.

Free salvation does not mean lawless salvation, lawless holiness.

The part of the Law that most men do not like did not exist yet when salvation was decided. 

Our salvation preceded the seventh day sabbath (the creation) and the wrap sheet of the displeasing acts of men. 

Hence, keeping the sabbath or according to the will of God in the Law has no bearing on our salvation. 

However, ignoring any will of God in the Law surely cancels our salvation.

There are requirements to be eligible for the free Salvation of Father, which makes it not free, as it is being marketed.

There are three requirements for the free salvation of the true Jesus.

1) Salvation is from the Jews not from Christianity or Protestantism.

2) We must be obey the commandment of self-holiness to become holy because we will not be saved without holiness.

3) We must believe that Jesus is I AM, YAHWEH, I AM THAT I AM, to not die in our sins and and confess it with our mouth publicly to be saved.